The Messengers from Yuoclund Dance

Yog arn Leinad Ognimod : I am Leinad Ognimod
Comen po ich po Yuoclund : I have come from Yuoclund
Yuocs unt Yuocmyns om Mängästour : Yuocs and Yuocmyns from Mängästour
Yuogals arn Sint po Yuoclund : We are the messengers from Yuoclund
Yogals geen dynals huset : We have come to your home
Telken butu om Mängästour : To tell of the beauty of Mängästour

Comen po ich dyn sutiten : Come here and you will see
Comen po dar dyn unkenen : Come here and you will understand
Comen yogals dyn furichten : Come with us and you will know
Luzen butu om Mängästour : How to listen to the beauty of Mängästour
Fuljen om truyt uler vrengt : Forget the truth forget the lies
Kel Mängä kun anderen vereld : Only Mängä can change the world

Dyn kun raven om Mängästour : You can have Mängästour
Dyn kun geven om Mängästour : You can give Mängästour
Dyn masten openen dyn hurt : You have to open your heart
Dyn masten openen dyn hud : You have to open your mind
Dyn masten openen dyn boudu : You have to open your body
Dyn kun anderen vereld : You can change the world

The Messengers from Yuoclund Video

Other Info

During the encounter, organised by the French Yuoclund Foundation, you will be able to observe the symbiotic behaviour of Yuocs and Yuocmyns. They will perform rituals, songs and dances from Yuoclund for you.

Pulken Purfun – The collection of Purfun
The Yuocs have a gland which produces a whitish and perfumed liquid : the Purfun. This substance is carefully collected by the Yuocmyn for its anti-aging properties. Yuocmyns survival in this hostile environment is mainly linked to the use of the purfun.

Mängärutiel – Mängä Ceremony Mängä : wish, desire, a projected conscious dream, a project meant to be realised. The Mängä Ceremony is a meditation in which the Yuocmyn concentrate on naming his wish. Then after a short set of gestures, he creates extreme intense visualisations of his project now realised.

Et vo tre furun - The favourite game in Yuoclund. Simple basic rules understood by everyone for a universal game.

Ring Rutiel – Circus ceremony Dances, songs and acrobatic tricks as an offering to the beauty of Mängästour.

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