The Messengers from Yuoclund

3 mythical creatures, half yak, half yeti and their shepherd have a rest on their long way from Yuoclund, their country of origin.

Close Encounters with Messengers from Yuoclund

They play games and rituals and reveal their philosophy and their way of life with much humour and gentleness. It’s an imaginary and humoristic reconstitution of a disappearing world by 3 stilt men and their guide speaking a universal language. Our aim is to improve the relationship between men and animals, often based on domination, training, and brutality and to question other forms of communication, more open, more equal and more respectful. Better than the costumes and the physical performance on stilts we have the ambition to create a better harmonious world and to bring joy.

Our shepherd’s mother language is Yuocmyn; but he had to adapt to the European public and learn some basic French, English and Spanish. It is this invented language that you can understand or not which gives the show an international dimension.

Technical requirements: The performance consist in a strolling act for about 20 mn and a show facing a circle for about 40 mn (with grass, trees, water,… any natural setting is recommended). The itinerary: starting from the dressing room, about 100 m long, quiet (no sound system on the way. Dressing rooms: large and height (min. 2.30m), on the 1st floor. This spectacle is very adaptable in that we will try to accomodate any preferences


Since the global warming, the glaciers protecting Yuoclund are melting, thus throwing this pacific population straight into the third millennium. On the border of China and Mongolia, Yuoclund is under important politic pressure. The fact that Frenchman Martin TOURET (first discoverer and defender of Yuoclund) was arrested and then disappeared from the Tacheng jail, shows the will of the Chinese authorities to end all attempts to protect the plateau and its inhabitants.

The Yuocs’s glandular system gives off a whitish and smelly liquid called purfun. This substance carefully collected by the Yuocmyns seems to have anti-ageing properties. Some drug laboratories drawn by possible financial benefits, would like to push Yuocmyns to mass purfun production. The rise of consumerism spirit among this society based on donation will endanger Yuoclund’s frail balance.


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